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Mitsubishi Grendia (4.0 – 5.5 Ton)

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    Mitsubishi Grendia (4.0 – 5.5 Ton)

    Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ new FD/FG40N-55N series is a whole new breed of forklift truck that’s been built from the ground up to meet the demands of users who require heavy duty, robust and reliable machines. The latest in a series of forklift trucks, the new N-Generation has won accolades from its users for its capacity to work even in the most demanding situations while being friendly to the environment. What’s more, these forklift trucks represents the latest in Mitsubishi’s transport technology, enhanced safety and commitment to keeping the world green.

    Load Capacity

    4.0 - 5.5 tons

    Fuel Type

    Diesel & LPG/Gas

    Lift Height

    3m - 7m

      Mitsubishi FD/FG40N-55N Series (N-Generation)

      Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tyre 4.0-5.5 ton Mitsubishi’s new FD/FG40N-55N series of Forklifts meet the demands of those who require heavy duty, reliable and robust machines. Able to work in heavy demanding situations all while being friendly to the environment, the new N-Generation represent the latest in Mitsubishi’s transport technology.

      Eco Power:

      Mitsubishi forklifts have managed to achieve some of the lowest engine emissions in the world, all while maintaining the engines power and lifespan.

      Passed 2008 Emission Gas Standard

      Without adding common rail technology, the Mitsubishi S6S high performance engine N0x, Pm, HC emission can be controlled to comply with new environmental standards. Only requiring simple maintenance, S6S engines are designed to be trouble free – with a long life span. *2008 Japan Emissions Standard for Specific Special Vehicles (including off-road vehicles).

      2007 Emission Gas Standard Compliant – Gasoline Engine with Three Way Muffler

      The N-Generation achieves lower fuel consumption thanks to an electronic Control system that allows for optimum engine management. A Three Way Muffler has been installed to remove environmentally toxic combustion gases. *2007 Japan Emissions Standard for Specific Special Vehicles (including offroad vehicles).

      Switch to Ecology Mode:

      The N-Generation forklift trucks are easily able to change between power or ecology priority, depending on conditions, with the “power/soft mode switch”. Ecology mode decreases C0₂ emissions by about 13% (option on diesel trucks only).


      Sturdy Mast with Better Visibility Able to resist twisting and bending under heavy loads that some forklifts would not handle, is Mitsubishi’s newly designed hardened steel mast rail. Incorporating free ball-type bushings, these masts have longer service intervals and longer lifespans. For better driver vision (and better safety) the main mast cylinder and chain have been placed out of the way. The mast also has the best optimum positioning.

      Low Centre of Gravity Design and Solid Frame:

      The low centre of gravity of these Mitsubishi forklifts means for better performance and stability when handling heavy loads. The latest stress analysis techniques as well as Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks proven manufacturing technologies have meant that the frames are built to last longer, especially when under high levels of stress.

      Steel – No More Plastic:

      Incorporated into all N-Generation Forklift Truck cab designs is a wide, open step made from steel and not fibreglass. Unlike plastic steps, the steel step won’t buckle under pressure and is far more durable. Steel will also prevent slipping that can lead to serious injuries.

      Heavy Load Support from Tough Base Area:

      A stronger, tougher forklift truck base is created by the double pin sealing and a one piece cast housing. The stronger base provides both protection and support when carrying heavier and more demanding loads.

      Comfort and smoothness:

      Truck speed can be automatically slowed down enabling smooth and jerk-free directional changing with the newly developed Flexcontrol system (optional). When the Flexcontrol system is combined with the wet-disk brakes (optional), the N-Generation Forklift Truck handling and stopping control becomes unrivalled.

      Rear View and Body Balance:

      Exceptional balance, stability and an easier rear view are achieved by the N-Generation Forklift Truck’s newly designed sharp form V-shaped counterweight. The more a driver can see means fewer accidents and better workplace safety.

      Effective Cooling System:

      A large, heavy duty-radiator core is fitted on all N-Generation Forklift Trucks. The highly effective cooling system is achieved by the optimum placement of the muffler and the radiator’s low noise cooling fan. This means less downtime due to overheating and overall, a longer engine life span.

      Productivity and Driver Comfort:

      100% Full Hydraulic Power Steering: A cornering and steering knob has been equipped to help prevent accidental steering slippage.

      Electric Shift Lever:

      Easy Shift operation (forward / neutral / reverse) done with the touch of a button.

      Combination Switch:

      As in a passenger car, turn signals and headlight switches are combined.

      Foot Operation Inching Pedal:

      Precise control is achieved by the better foot pedal positions and wide foot space.

      New Transmission:

      Reverse 1-speed / Forward 2-speed automatic transmission.

      Suspension Seat with Hip Support Function:

      Back strain is reduced by the sliding and reclining mechanism.

      Optional – Pro-Lift Specification Vehicle to Reduce Riding Fatigue:

      Lifting and tilting adjustments by a fingertip controller can be equipped on the new N-Generation Series of forklift trucks. This allows the drivers arm to remain on the armrest (reducing repetitive strain injuries and fatigue).

      Full-Floating Power Line Design:

      From engine to transmission, the entire power train is secured to the frame by rubber mounts. These mounts are specifically designed to absorb vibrations and make for smoother and quieter forklift operations.


      Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ unique vehicle Integrated Presence System (ISP2) has been incorporated into all FD/FG40N-55N series models. When operators leave their seats, the ISP2 disengages and locks the forklift operation. This system has been designed to prevent accidents at the workplace and ensure the safety of operators, customers and colleagues.

      Integrated Monitor:

      Gross load, travel speed and other operating conditions are displayed digitally, allowing for excellent vision.

      Safety Systems to Avoid Operation Error:

      When the ignition is switched off, the fork on the truck is automatically locked. The lift lever will stay in position even if it is accidentally bumped or moved. If the engine is accidentally started while in gear, a Neutral Safety lock is installed to prevent the machine from sudden travel.

      Parking Brake at The Seat-Connected Interlock:

      The integral interlock system is another safety improvement made to the N-Generation series of forklift trucks. The mast and travel function are locked and parking brake is engaged when the operator leaves the seat.

      Soft Landing:

      The forks are automatically slowed down when approaching the ground. This unique feature helps to protect valuable goods from hard drops or shocks. (for two-stage simplex masts only)

      High-Mounted Rear Combination Lamp:

      Clear brake, reverse and turn signals are displayed by this lamp, to persons or vehicles behind the truck.


      The N-Generation series of forklift trucks are easy to maintain and manage. Valuable time and money is saved due to longer service intervals.

      Well Placed Maintenance Points:

      Maintenance points are easy to access and are strategically placed to allow for quick inspection and maintenance. The N-Generation Forklift Trucks have an engine cover that opens fully along with side panels that are easy to remove.

      Improved Brake Design:

      Installed as standard equipment, the easy maintenance system does not require drum or hub removal. Compared to previous models the work, time and cost required for services are substantially reduced.

      Easy Maintenance around Radiator:

      Radiator inspection and maintenance is made easier with an easy to open half-split cover.

      Extension in Service Intervals:

      From 200 hours to 500 hours, the service intervals for the changing of engine oil has been more than doubled. Wet-disk brakes allow for maintenance-free intervals for 10, 000 hours. These extended intervals mean lower running costs. (Depending on usage condition, brake oil change is required for the optional wet-disc brakes)

      Options and attachments:

      Forklift Truck For The Recycled Paper Industry Wide view between clamp cylinders and an Insert clamp-arm to grip paper bales safely and securely. Attachment installed : Bale Clamp Recommended option : Hydraulic Oil Cooler / Semi-under Net Kit

      Forklift Truck For The Paper Industry:

      Effectively handles paper rolls. Capable of handling small-diameter paper roll with a movable short arm. Improved contact pads provides better grips on rolls. Special Request Option – Capable of handling two rolls of paper with different diameters. Attachment installed: Roll Clamp Mast installed : Heavy Duty Mast Recommended option : Wet-disc Brake / Hydraulic Oil Cooler

      Forklift Truck For The Timber Industry:

      This forklift truck has a hinged fork and back rest to scoop and carry logs and sawn timber. Standard : Panoramic Hinged Fork (fixed type backrest) Recommended option : Air Intake Pre-Cleaner / Front Windshield / Dust Proof Net for Radiator

      Forklift Truck For The Marine/Port Industry:

      The three-stage full free mast can be used for high shelve loading and has a wide front view. This forklift truck is designed to work in tight spaces such as inside vessels or containers and make full use of cargo spaces. Standard : Wide view Three-stage Full Free Mast Recommended options : Diesel Particulate Filter / Front Windshield

      Forklift Truck For Quarry Industry:

      With a Hinged fork and fixed backrest, this forklift truck is able to move and carry stone without damage. Even in bad road conditions, it is able to provide excellent handling and grip. Standard : Panoramic Hinged Fork (fixed backrest) Recommended option : Air Intake Pre-Cleaner / Front Windshield / Dust Proof Net for Radiator

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