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General Masslift & Forklift FAQ’S

The Ninja is Mitsubishi’s answer to a robust, reliable forklift with minimal electronics and at a ridiculously low cost. You can pick up anything with a Mitsubishi Forklift Truck.

The Mitsubishi Ninja does not smoke – you will have to provide your own smoke machine if you’re into that kind of thing.

Firstly, you’ve come to the right place.
There are a few questions we’d need answered in order to spec you the correct forklift:

1) What is the maximum weight you will be lifting?
2) What height do you need to lift your load to?
3) What is the maximum weight at the maximum height?
4) What are the approximate dimensions of your load (width x length x breadth)
5) Do you have any overhead height restrictions?
6) What type of surface will the forklift be working on?
7) What type of fuel do you want? (LPG, Diesel, or electric battery powered.)

We can also arrange for a Sales Manager to come out to visit your site. Contact us to request a quotation.

Yes, we do! Visit our Used Forklifts page to find out more.

Yes, we have a number of different options for rental/lease and outright purchase of forklifts. Short Term (1 day to 12 months) Long Term (12 months – 84 months) Contact us to find out more about the different finance options we offer.

Yes. Most forklift manufacturers and their dealers carry parts for forklifts up to 10 years old.

However, Mitsubishi Forklift has a “vintage” forklift program that enables their dealers to obtain engine and transmission spares for much older forklifts.

Find out more or contact our parts department on

You should call us at the office on 087 150 8575 or feel free to contact us online.

IC forklifts outperform electric forklifts in both indoor and outdoor applications. They have demonstrated the ability to lift, push and pull heavy loads at full capacity, up and down inclines, for longer periods and with improved ground speed when compared with electric forklifts.

This is not to say that electrics are not robust and reliable, it is just our opinion that an IC forklift is stronger.

We would need you to sign the back page of the quotation and initial the specifications page, or issue us with an official purchase order.

You can complete a Credit Application and attach your company docs, VAT registration and latest financial statements, which we will submit to the banks on your behalf in order to secure finance for your forklift. Contact us for a Credit Application.

As per NCA (National Credit Act) and FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) regulations, this is a requirement in order for us to open an account for you.

The banks require signed annual financial statements in order to approve finance.

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act aims to combat money laundering in particular by establishing a statutory body (Financial Intelligence Centre) and imposing a number of duties on certain institutions and professions (Accountable Institutions) such as attorneys, banks, public accountants, investment advisors and estate agents.

A Preventative Maintenance agreement is a service plan which covers all your costs related to services. You pay a flat rate per service. Any repairs outside of standard service work would be quoted for at a discounted rate for PMA customers.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks are manufactured with quality materials under the strictest engineering conditions, this confidence in the product allows your machine to only be serviced every 500 hours or 5 months, whichever occurs first, unlike the industry standard of every 250 hours.

The standard warranty on a Mitsubishi Forklift is 12 months or 2000 hours. Mitsubishi then offers an extended powertrain warranty, which extends to 36 months or 5000 hours. The terms of the warranty is that Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks will replace any defective major powertrain component which fails on a new Mitsubishi Forklift. Mitsubishi only uses genuine Mitsubishi forklift parts assuring you the best in quality and reliability.

The contract includes servicing, repairs and maintenance of the equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications, provided such repair or maintenance is as a direct result of a latent defect or fair wear and tear. Where the equipment breaks down for any other reason, such as collision, impact, fire, flood, misuse or abuse, this is excluded from the contract. Contact us for the full terms and conditions.

In terms of Local legislation all forklifts must undergo a Load Test every 12 months. It is up to the owner / LT renter of the forklift to ensure this happens in due course. We use independent load test companies however we can arrange a quote for you.

Attachments are anything that are not standard on a forklift eg: side shifters, paper roll clamps, carpet poles to name a few.

The answer is yes, these can be bought or manufactured to fit any Mitsubishi Forklift Truck, depending on the attachment you might require additional hydraulic hosing to get all the features to work together. Please contact us for any further info or for an attachment quote.

We offer Material Handling Equipment to meet almost any logistic requirement. With the sole dealerships for Mitsubishi Forklifts we can supply:

  1. Diesel & Petrol/LP Gas Forklifts (1,8 – 15 tons.)
  2. Counter Balance Electrics (1.0 – 3.0 tons.)
  3. Warehouse Equipment (Power pallet trucks / Reach Trucks / Order Pickers & Stackers.)

Yes, we can. Please contact us and have the details of your current forklift handy in order for us to quote accordingly.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks can offer you a transmission protection system that reduces your tyre wear by not allowing your driver to wheel spin or change direction without effectively using the brakes.

Yes, current legislation requires that all forklift operators are certified and licensed. A forklift license needs to be renewed every 24 months.

Masslift Africa can provide your drivers with a comprehensive overview on the machine features and functions. We do however refer customers to reputable certified licensing centres.

As 99% of all forklifts are imported, their landed cost varies considerably depending on the value of the Rand against the currency of the manufacturer at the time of arrival in South Africa. This is why most forklift suppliers quote a selling price based on the rate of exchange (ROE) ruling at the time of quotation and with a clause stating the ROE and the option to take forward cover.

Either take the risk that the exchange will not worsen and wait until delivery OR you can instruct the supplier to take out a Forward Cover contract with a bank and fix the rate before the forklift is delivered, eliminating the risk.

Yes, we have complete solution to manage your fleet requires that can monitor the utilization, abuse and daily checks to name a few.

Yes, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks come with an IPX3/4 rating which means they can operate in light-medium rain.

Masslift Africa’s footprint extends over Southern Africa, to see our locations please visit the contact us page.

The Mitsubishi Grendia (or Green Diamond) is very fuel efficient and has ultra low emissions, which either complies with or exceeds the latest international (USA, Europe, Japan) environmental standards.

We have a number of reputable companies that use Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. Please view our testimonials for references.

On our website – please visit our product pages. Alternately please contact us if you would like a site visit to see our full range.

Yes, we can manage all your cold store requirements.

Yes, we can manage all your flame-proofing requirements.