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Longest Powertrain Warranty in the South African forklift industry

We offer an 8 Years or 12 000 Hour Powertrain Warranty!

10/29/2020 view
Cost saving benefits of Lithium-ion battery powered forklifts

Masslift Africa’s National Sales Manager, Hugh Golden, discussed the cost saving benefits of Lithium-ion battery powered forklifts and how the extensive advantages of going electric will support customer operations.

10/29/2020 view
Masslift - Health and Safety

Kurt Pacak, Masslift Africa’s Regional Sales Manager talks us through the importance of the standard Health & Safety briefing conducted with every Masslift Africa customer

10/1/2020 view
Masslift Africa’s CEO, Marco Caverni

Masslift Africa’s CEO, Marco Caverni, expresses his passion for the arrival of this high-quality, well-priced electric forklift to African shores

10/29/2020 view
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