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Company achieves Level 1 BBBEE accreditation

Masslift is currently the only original-equipment manufacturer with a Level 1 rating, consequently providing the company with a competitive advantage

2/23/2022 view
Masslift Africa and The Mahon Foundation’s partnership displays commitment to education-based initiatives with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity

Masslift Africa is proud to have been working closely with the Mahon Foundation to create more equal access to education for all.

12/14/2021 view
Masslift Africa achieves B-BBEE Level 1 and continues its commitment to transformation

After receiving its first-ever Level 2 B-BBEE accreditation in 2020, Masslift Africa made it their mission and priority to achieve a Level 1 accreditation in the last year.

12/9/2021 view
The perfect forklift fit: Renting vs buying

Many businesses grapple with the choice between buying and renting a forklift which could impact both their efficiency and bottom line.

11/11/2021 view
Masslift Reminds Women to Maintain their Authenticity This Women’s Month

In recognition of Women’s Month, Masslift Africa launched a series of internal activations ...

8/25/2021 view
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