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The perfect forklift fit: Renting vs buying

Many businesses grapple with the choice between buying and renting a forklift which could impact both their efficiency and bottom line.

11/11/2021 view
Masslift Reminds Women to Maintain their Authenticity This Women’s Month

In recognition of Women’s Month, Masslift Africa launched a series of internal activations ...

8/25/2021 view
Masslift Africa Keeps Their Promise Of Reliability By Ploughing Back Into The Community

Making a positive impact on society remains one of Masslift Africa's fundamental driving forces, whether through enabling businesses to scale up their operations or directly creating job opportunities.

7/30/2021 view
Masslift Celebrates Focus on Youth Development

The upskilling and development of South Africa’s youth is critical to ensuring economic growth and a prosperous future for the next generation.

6/15/2021 view
Agile Approach Sees Masslift Africa Through Lockdown

Chief Executive Officer, Marco Caverni and Chief Financial Officer, Thembi Mazibuko, explain how their people-led approach equipped Masslift to be as agile as 2020 and Covid-19 demanded.

4/7/2021 view
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