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Masslift Reminds Women to Maintain their Authenticity This Women’s Month

In recognition of Women’s Month, Masslift Africa launched a series of internal activations ...

8/25/2021 view
Masslift Africa Keeps Their Promise Of Reliability By Ploughing Back Into The Community

Making a positive impact on society remains one of Masslift Africa's fundamental driving forces, whether through enabling businesses to scale up their operations or directly creating job opportunities.

7/30/2021 view
Masslift Celebrates Focus on Youth Development

The upskilling and development of South Africa’s youth is critical to ensuring economic growth and a prosperous future for the next generation.

6/15/2021 view
Agile Approach Sees Masslift Africa Through Lockdown

Chief Executive Officer, Marco Caverni and Chief Financial Officer, Thembi Mazibuko, explain how their people-led approach equipped Masslift to be as agile as 2020 and Covid-19 demanded.

4/7/2021 view
Introducing the innovative Counterbalance Electric Mitsubishi Forklift truck range

Masslift Africa (the sole distributor of Mitsubishi forklifts in Southern Africa) today announced the launch and arrival of the new Counterbalance Electric (FBCB) forklift truck series in August 2020. The new series will encompass the Mitsubishi forklift features that users have come to know and love over the years along with new technology to drive operations forward.

8/26/2020 view
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