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Mitsubishi Ninja (2.0 – 3.0 Ton)

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    Mitsubishi Ninja (2.0 – 3.0 Ton)

    The Ninja forklift truck offers growing business the productivity boost of machine-powered loading, moving and unloading of materials. Thanks to the Ninja’s straightforward layout and design, operators will benefit from more headroom, legroom and visibility in the cab. Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ commitment to quality and reliability means the Ninja will continue to be a good return on investment for years to come.

    Load Capacity

    2.0 - 3.0 ton

    Fuel Type

    Diesel & LPG/Gas

    Lift Height

    3m - 7m

      Mitsubishi Ninja Classic Diamond

      Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tyre 2.0-3.0 ton

      Designed to meet the needs of growing businesses. These versatile, durable and reliable forklifts carry out day-to-day goods unloading and loading and movement requirements.

      Ninja’s straightforward layout and design allow for more legroom, headroom and visibility in the cab.


      Powerful Lifting Capability Vehicle stability and balance is optimised during lifting as Mitsubishi Ninja vehicles are constructed with a low centre of gravity frame. Providing greater stability with higher load capacities. Regardless of the load, the high-power, high-torque engines maintain a stable lift speed.

      Compact Turning

      Thanks to Ninja’s fully hydraulic power steering. Its manoeuvrability makes navigation in small workspaces and easy U-turns possible.

      Mitsubishi Ninja Standard Features (Not often found on other forklift trucks)

      Integrated Digital Monitor Unobstructed view from driver’s seat (Easy to read).

      Wide Cab Visibility

      Greater rear visibility and excellent forward visibility.

      Reinforced Overhead Guard for safety

      Without compromising operators safety and comfort outdoors – the overhead guard design allows for excellent forward visibility.

      Mast Interlock

      Ninja is equipped with an integral mast interlock system when the key switch is turned off. In order to prevent injury or damage to property, the mast movement is locked when the key switch is turned off.

      Tilting Steering Column

      Ninja incorporates a tilting steering column that gives drivers greater comfort (as no driver is the same build or size).

      Neutral Safety Smart (additional)

      Unless the control lever is positioned in neutral, the Neutral Safety Start will prevent the engine from starting. (no more accidentally starting truck while in gear)


      44 kW Diesel Engine: Inside every Ninja diesel forklift is a 44 kW engine. Allowing strain-free performance and high travel and lifting speeds for operators.

      Ninja gasoline forklifts are equipped with K25 dual fuel engine giving flexibility of using either gasoline or LPG.

      Floating Power Train:

      Ninja is equipped with a full-floating power train that isolates vibrations from the engine to the chassis and frame. This increases the operators comfort and reduces the impact of whole body vibrations and wear on vital parts of the forklift.

      Optimal Airflow and Cooling:

      The truck’s cooling system is designed to operate in tropic conditions where the ambient temperature is high. Cool air is moved through the engine compartment and radiator by a powerful cooling fan. This prevents excessive heat and overheating and ensures the engine operates at optimum performance levels. With less stress on vital engine components due to the improved air circulation the trucks reliability is ensured.


      Designed to ease troubleshooting and repairs, the Ninja does not require specialised tools. Pushing a small button and lifting the engine cover allows for easy access to the engine bay. The engine bay allows for plenty of room to perform routine maintenance, service or repairs. – No specialised tools necessary – Large engine bay access – Easy access to engine

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