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Mitsubishi Grendia (1.8 – 3.5 Ton)

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    Mitsubishi Grendia (1.8 – 3.5 Ton)

    A next generation, higher performance machine. Thanks to the application of new technologies the Mitsubishi Grendia is not only easier to operate but friendly to the environment as well.
    The new Mitsubishi Grendia’s engine is very fuel-efficient and has ultra-low emissions, which either complies with or exceeds the latest international environmental standards.

    Load Capacity

    1.8 - 3.5 ton

    Fuel Type

    Diesel & LPG/Gas

    Lift Height

    3m - 7m

      Mitsubishi Grendia Series Forklift trucks

      The Mitsubishi Grendia is not only easy to operate, but friendly to the environment. Complying with and even exceeding the latest international environmental standards – the new Mitsubishi Grendia’s engine is fuel efficient and has ultra low emissions. All Grendia Forklift Trucks incorporate an Integrated Presence System (IPS) helping to enhance safety and reduce accidents. LCD graphic displays and digital monitoring systems make the Grendia safer and more efficient. With increased rider comfort and enhanced safety, the Grendia Forklifts are the forklifts of tomorrow, today!

      Moving Forward – Grendia’s Eco-Power:

      2007 Emission Standards compliant – new electronically controlled gasoline engine The new Grendia has achieved brilliant environmental controls and complies with all 2007 Emission Standards, all while maintaining high reliability and performance levels. Grendia’s advanced gasoline engine has helped pioneer the standard use of electronically controlled fuel injection and three-way catalytic converters in forklift trucks.

      *2007 Emissions Standard for Specific Special Vehicles (including off-road vehicles) Compliant with Emissions Standard for Specific Special Vehicles Ministry of the Environment Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

      Two-level High/Low Speed Limiter

      The Grendia’s automatic speed limiter can be set to two levels: outdoors (high) and indoors (low). Drivers can alternate between them with the quick flick of a switch. Choosing the most appropriate fuel efficiency for the location. *Standard for Electronically Controlled Gasoline Engine Trucks

      Power/Soft Mode Switch

      Two power levels can be selected (depending on the task). POWER mode – maximises power output. SOFT mode – for fuel efficiency and low noise levels (cuts C0₂ levels by 13% compared to power mode). *Standard for Electronically Controlled Gasoline Engine Trucks

      2007 Emission Standards compliant* – High-Reliability Diesel Engine

      The high and reliable performance standards of the Mitsubishi Diesel Engine have been maintained and now come with eco-friendly refinements. Without compromising horsepower or reliability, the upgraded engines have achieved low emissions levels in compliance with the 2007 Emission Standards.

      *2007 Emissions Standard for Specific Special Vehicles (including off-road vehicles) Compliant with Emissions Standard for Specific Special Vehicles Ministry of the Environment Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

      Low-Noise design for Minimal Operator Fatigue and Maximum Comfort

      With features like: Low noise engine, enhanced soundproofing of the engine compartment and floor level noise dampening, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks achieve a quiet working environment for the operator and workplace surroundings.

      *ISO-equivalent noise level (when diesel engine is in SOFT mode at high idle speed).

      Optional – Eco Friendly Vehicles with Clean Exhaust Emissions

      Besides the gasoline-powered and diesel-powered models – The Grendia is also available in other clean exhaust, energy efficient models.

      These include LPG-Powered and Diesel trucks fitted with DPF (Diesel Particulate filter) that help eliminate possible black smoke.

      Safety: Integrated Presence System (IPS)

      Grendia is fitted with Mitsubishi’s IPS (an integrated active safety system). The IPS actively detects problems before they become accidents. Improving vehicle safety by ensuring safety during vehicle operation and preventing errors when the operator is not seated. Protecting not only the operator but the workplace from potential accidents.

      New – Integrated Digital Monitors

      Digital monitors are used in the cab, providing easier monitoring of systems and controls. When the ignition is switched on, the digital panel illuminates. This allows the operator to check the speed, load weight and system monitors at a quick glance.

      Mast and Travel Interlock

      Linked to the operator’s seat, Mitsubishi Grendia Forklift Trucks are equipped with a mast and travel interlock protection device. If the operator is not seated the mast and (for torque-converter models) the movement of the vehicle is automatically locked – preventing injury and damage to property. (Brakes are not applied to travel interlocking – gravity can still cause trucks to move on slopes).

      Lift Lock

      When the engine is switched off, the fork of the Grendia is automatically locked. It will remain in position even if the lift lever is bumped or moved accidentally.

      Neutral Safety

      Engines are prevented from starting unless the forward/backward lever is positioned at neutral by a Neutral Safety device – now built on all vehicles including all torque-converter fitted vehicles and all direct drive vehicles.

      High-Mounted Rear Combination Lamp

      Braking or stopping is clearly signalled to vehicles and persons behind the forklift truck. All Grendia trucks are installed with rear combination lamps above the headguard.

      Wide Forward and Clear Rear Visibility

      Extending from the tip of the fork to the top of the mast, Grendia trucks have wide unobstructed visibility (unlike many other trucks). Grendia’s compact tail design makes for greater rear visibility.

      Optional – Horizontal Deployment of The Fork

      (Mask Vertical-Setting Recognition) Automatic Levelling System facilitates horizontal fork deployment. Simply pushing the tilt lever forward while pressing the switch automatically sets the mast vertically.

      Performance: Powerful Lifting Capacity

      Vehicle balance and stability are optimised during lifting as Mitsubishi Grandia vehicles are constructed with a low centre of gravity frame. Providing greater stability with higher load capacities. Regardless of the load, the high-power, high-torque engines maintain a stable lift speed.

      Soft Landing

      When the fork nears the ground, the soft landing system activates, automatically protecting loads from hard drops and shocks (only for two-stage masts).

      **Smooth RuHigh-performanceformance transmission and the high power engine are perfectly matched. This produces an extremely smooth start/acceleration and traction (even on uphills). The reliable duo-servo system provides excellent braking and stopping control.

      Compact Turning

      Thanks to a fully hydraulic power steering fitted with steering synchroniser/mechanism for 100% stationary steering, Grendia allows for smooth tight turning. Thanks to its maneuverability – navigation in small workspaces and easy U-turns are made possible.

      Driver Comfort makes for Easy Operations: Suspension seat

      Hip support mechanism and ability to adjust position and extent of reclining, according to body shape – makes for maximum comfort. The soft-grip handle makes getting in and out of the vehicle easier. The seat belt is also fitted with a warning light.

      Electric shift lever

      For torque-converter models only – can be moved back and forth with the touch of a finger.

      Acrylic roof

      Easily installed and uninstalled for comfortable operation in outdoor conditions. (optional)

      Tiltable steering column

      Fully hydraulic power steering Fitted with a mechanism that automatically matches the rear wheel angle to the steering angle (the steering synchroniser).

      Inching pedal

      Allows for delicate movements.


      Positioned on the right side of the dashboard – for optional functions.

      Combination switch

      Integrating headlight switches and indicators.

      Power-train full floating structure

      The entire power-train is supported with vibration absorbing rubber mounts. Reducing vibrations that can cause serious health issues.

      Optional – Fingertip Control Model

      Grendias can be equipped with a fingertip controller – enabling options with the touch of a finger, like lifting and tilting. Lift control lever Tilt control lever Mast emergency stop button 3V control lever 4V / 5V switch

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