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Carer F90H

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    Carer F90H

    As with all trucks in this F series of seated electric forklifts, the F90H is the ideal truck for handling heavy goods in all kinds of applications. The compact design and sturdy frame of these 4 wheel forklifts provide your operators with extreme comfort and higher performance levels. These forklifts have an extremely powerful load capacity of 9000 kg.

    Load Capacity

    9.0 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height

    4.8 m

      Carer F Series 60-90H Electric Forklift Truck
      This series has been developed from a project version of the Heavy Duty Model (HD Series). Ideal for handling heavy goods in all areas of application with a very compact design and sturdy frame. These forklifts allow operators to experience extreme comfort and adaptability of performance.
      • High-Visibility Upright
      • 96V
      • Advanced Multifunctional Digital Display (AMD)
      • Rear View Camera
      • High Positioned Tilt Cylinders
      • The batteries can be easily removed/changed using another forklift as they are split into two lateral boxes.
      • The frame handles heavy goods with ease and is compact to ensure versatility.
      • Machine is easily accessible for the driver with a step at a low height.
      • Optional Front Dual Tyres.
      Comfort Vibrations are minimised with an anti-vibration system, reducing fatigue and possible health issues caused by Whole Body Vibrations (WBV). The drivers space has an ergonomic design and is mounted on silent blocks to maximise comfort and reduce fatigue during longer shifts. Manoeuvrability: Excellent manoeuvrability is achieved with the sharp-axle steering and extremely compact design. Easily-Removable Battery Minimum time and effort is needed for battery replacement as extraction and change are made rapid and easy with the clever design of the F60-90H components Performance: Electronic Controls Allow operators to make adjustments to the settings of the truck, depending on the application, with a highly advanced digital touch-screen. Customising settings according to the operators applications and routines means that the operator with have increased performance levels, comfort and overall productivity.

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