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Mitsubishi 4-Wheel Electric Range (1.0 – 3.5 Ton)

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    Mitsubishi 4-Wheel Electric Range (1.0 – 3.5 Ton)

    The Mitsubishi FB-CB Series electric forklift is powering the way forward in logistics excellence. With load capacities of 1.0 to 3.5 tons, this new-generation electric forklift is equipped with innovative features that simplify the movement of goods. It is redefining performance while ensuring safety, reliability, and sustainability. Low operating costs and reduced maintenance requirements have also resulted in outstanding economic efficiency.

    Load Capacity

    1.0 - 3.5 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height

    3m - 7m

      The Mitsubishi FB-CB Series electric forklift promises superb stability and calibrated control both within indoor confines and outdoor elements.

      Safe and Stable

      The FB-CB Series electric forklift boasts many safety features that place it ahead of its class. These quality applications make the forklift agile, efficient and stable, giving users flexibility and manoeuvrability.

      Low Center of Gravity A lower center of gravity coupled with the deeper emplacement of the battery box improves traveling and turning stability.

      Auto Torque Up

      This function is sensitive to the forklift’s situation and swiftly increases the torque when required; for example, when the forklift is negotiating a slope or bearing an extra load. The auto torque up prevents the forklift from any lag brought on by a changed situation; rather, it ramps up the torque to ensure consistent performance akin to the forklift moving on flat ground.

      Wide Visibility Enhanced multi-directional visibility ensures a significantly expanded field of vision.

      Pitching Control Ideal for goods protection when clearing humps.

      Travel Hydraulic Interlock This sensitive power-severance feature disengages all movement if the operator is not seated in the forklift. This intelligent feature takes forklift safety to the next level.

      Hydraulic Cushioning (option) A dual-accumulator system manages pressure levels to accommodate various load capacities. This helps to absorb shocks and prevent damage to goods when travelling over varying terrains.

      Safety Cruise This feature prevents any sudden slide even when the accelerator and brake pedals are released, limiting speed to 1km/h (controlled roll back). Speed suppression also kicks in when the forklift is downslope.

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