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“I come as one, but I stand for 10,000” – Maya Angelo

The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace remains a critical focus for Masslift in the month of August but also throughout the year. We believe that authenticity is a key driver for empowering female employees to be confident in their abilities, speak up, and showcase their talents all year round.

Throughout history, women have proven that they can be powerful agents of change. As women, we need to continue to challenge ourselves to be change agents in our own environments, while staying true to ourselves and supporting the future generation of women. It is our responsibility to work towards lessening the generational challenges that women face in society.

Acting authentically in the workplace is an effective way to drive change. Too often, women feel the need to make themselves smaller and quieter to conform to male-dominated workplaces. When we act authentically, we put forward new ideas with confidence and make our skills and knowledge known. This benefits not only us but the entire company, while changing the perception of female colleagues.

Authenticity builds trust, and as assertive, empowered women, people need to trust that we can do what we need to do. By showing up as our true selves, we inspire others to do the same, creating an environment where everyone can thrive while embracing their femininity. It is essential to remind ourselves and the next generation that showing emotion is not a weakness but a strength, a sign of our human side. Our example can pave the way for women to enter any profession, including those yet to be created.

Masslift has made great strides in transforming the workforce and promoting gender equality in the past three years. We will continue to support organizations that advance gender equality, including local NGOs and causes.

While celebrating the achievements of women in the workplace is essential, we look forward to the day when we no longer need to celebrate firsts, and it becomes the norm to have females in any role. Then, we can celebrate success without attaching gender to it, recognizing individual achievements and success for what they are without putting a societal benchmark.

In many industries, including material handling, there is a lack of new hires available to replace those nearing retirement. This deficit has created an opportunity for women to work in underrepresented industries. Masslift is intentional in its training and upskilling programs to ensure that more female technicians qualify, and our recent MerSETA accreditation will help us realize that goal.

Equality in every aspect is something that should be continuously focused on. This is not something that we focus on for just one month out of the year; it is something we must act on every day. As women, we need to unite and lead by example to show the next generation that they can be anything they put their minds to. They don’t have to prove themselves more than their male counterparts, and their family responsibilities are not a deterrent to doing their job effectively.

As we reflect on how far we have come, let us also set goals for ourselves and strive for continuous progress. The courage of women in the past has afforded us the freedoms we have today, and it is our responsibility to keep pushing forward for the women who will come after us.

In the words of Maya Angelo, “I come as one, but I stand for 10,000.” Let us stand together, inspire change, and pave the way for a better future for all women.


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