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MLift PBPB15EL Electric Pallet Truck (1.5 Ton)

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    MLift PBPB15EL Electric Pallet Truck (1.5 Ton)

    Mlift electric pallet trucks are engineering design feats to optimise performance for intense operations. This truck can easily manoeuvre in tight spaces thanks to its narrow turning radius and excellent steering.

    Built with a powerful drive motor, this truck achieves 4.5km/h laden top speeds effortlessly, whether for low-level order picking or long-distance warehouse transports. Mlift provides an all-purpose electric pallet truck solution that never disappoints.

    Load Capacity

    1.5 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height

    1.15 m

      Enduring Operations
      • Powerful drive control provides enhanced load-bearing capabilities
      • Heavy-lifting loads can be lifted with ease thanks to powerful motors
      • Functional design with a compact chassis structure allows operators to manoeuvre the pallet truck in tight spaces.
      Heavy-duty Batteries
      • 24V720Ah Lithium-ion batteries provide maximum performance in challenging terrains and longer operating hours
      • Lithium-ion batteries with plug-and-play design for longer operating hours
      • Built-in safety standards allowing operators to operate confidently at laden travel speeds reaching 4.5km/h.
       Enhanced Load Stability
      • Low-profile frame keeps objects out of the way and prevents injuries to the feet
      • Easy steering, and easy maneuverability thanks to the wide control handle
      • Low rolling resistance guaranteed by well-designed steer and load wheels
      Robust Maintenance Features
      • Stringent market-testing of components enhances operational safety and reliability
      • Long operating lifespan is designed into the sturdy, single-piece casting of the pallet truck
      • Torsion-resistant chassis enables safe loading of up to 1.5 tons

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