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Brazos TBS30EA /TBS60EA Electric Tractor

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    Brazos TBS30EA /TBS60EA Electric Tractor

    Available in either 3.0T or &.OT chassis, the TBS-EA series allows the operator to shuttle through both indoor and outdoor environments easily without fearing the ground conditions as the truck is built with a higher ground clearance to overcome common gradient obstacles.

    Capable of travelling up to a maximum towing speed of 9.5km/hr, the TBS·EA is an optimal choice to satisfy TOUGH requirements while accomplishing SAFE operation round the clock.

    Load Capacity

    3.0 - 6.0 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height


      MLift Brazos TBR30-45EA Electric Tractor The TBR30-45EA series make use of a maintenance-free AC motor, making it powerful and more cost effective. Operations are made quick and easy with the electronic Power Steering. Smoothness and stability are ensured with the series ability to slow down in curved pathways. Safety: If control of the truck is lost, the emergency disconnector will cut off the power source, avoiding possible accidents. Truck rolling is prevented when traveling on ramps with the anti-rolling back brake. Dual monitoring power steering. Operator misoperation is avoided with a safety foot switch. When the foot switch is off or the travel switch is neutral, automatic braking and reverse current braking occur. Performance: Excellent performance levels, high power and very accurate control are all achieved with the unprecedented AC system. Malfunctions of the components are reduced with the AMP connector and durable electric wires. A longer working life is achieved with the high strength gearbox. Stability ensured by the sturdy load wheel. Maintenance: Easy troubleshooting is accessed with the control system. Maintenance free – AC traction motor Access to all key components for inspection/maintenance/replacements is made easy by loosening four bolts and simply removing the back cover. Reminders for battery charging indicated to the operator with the hour meter and battery indicator. Inspection and services are made far more convenient with the vertical motor. Batteries are protected with low voltage lift cut off design. Operation: Electric power steering / smooth and comfortable (LPS). All buttons are placed with in reach for convenience and increased productivity with the new design of the ergonomic tiller head. Battery replacements and other applications are made easy with the side-open battery design. Maximum comfort for the operator is achieved with a spacious operation room, vibration absorber pedal and backrest cushion.

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