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Warehouse Safety: Common Forklift Hazards You Need to Know About

Mistakes happen all the time, after all we are just human. But some mistakes happen more than others and can be avoided if we become more aware.

Being more aware of common hazards within the warehouse will help you have less accidents and create a much safer working environment for everyone in the company.

In the infographic below we outline the common warehouse safety hazards.

A quick summary of them are:

-Be aware when operating a forklift in the loading area as it;s one of the busiest areas.

-Add lighting or warning signs to any blind corners and approach with caution.

-Know how high the sprinkler system is compared to your pallets or forks.

-Keep an eye out for pedestrians at all times.

-Be mindful of high-traffic areas and always reduce speed in these areas.

-Inspect warehouse shelving regularly to ensure that it is always in good stable condition.

-Proceed with caution when going onto ramps, especially when slippery from bad weather.

-Always reverse down a ramp and use a spotter if needed.

-Debris on the floor, nail etc.

-Door entrance heights to be checked.


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