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Carer Z100HD

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    Carer Z100HD

    These seated forklifts have an incredible load capacity of 10 000 kg. As with all forklifts in this heavy-duty series, the battery powered Z100HD has been developed with the concept of efficiency and power. The technology of the 120V makes for high performance levels and long autonomy of the batteries of these trucks.

    Load Capacity

    10.0 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height

    3.4 m

      Carer Z Series 100-120 HD Electric Forklift Truck
      The Z100-120 HD series is the perfect truck for the moving of heavy loads while maintaining maximum safety and reliability, with a voltage of 120V for maximum efficiency and long work autonomy.
      • Very Compact Size
      • 120V
      • High performance
      • Large Manoeuvrability
      • New design
      • Oil Immersed Brakes
      • Tyres Duel Se-C
      • Maximum efficiency
      • High Tilt Cylinders
      • Can handle long operating times
      • Multifunctional Display Easy Info (DME)
      • Can handle exceptionally heavy loads
      The Driver’s Seat: With careful positioning in the cabin, the surrounding space and all dimensions are easy for the operator to perceive, increasing overall safety and productivity. Performance and Manoeuvrability: The electronically controlled power motor power provides these trucks with high speeds and outstanding manoeuvrability and acceleration. The acceleration, used only when needed (reducing consumption and increasing work autonomy) is progressing and gentle. Efficiency: These machines have been developed with the concepts of efficiency and power constantly on mind, with the technology of the 120V, they achieve high performance levels and long autonomy of the battery. Safety and Visibility: The operator has an advantageous driving position that allows maximum visibility (even when handling bulky loads) increasing the overall safety of the operator and the vehicle. Comfortable Cabin: The cabin is fitted on a silent blocks system to reduce noise and vibrations that can be damaging to the operator’s health. High levels of comfort are achieved as the cabin is separated from the frame.

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