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Carer R60H

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    Carer R60H

    The R60H seated forklift, as with all trucks in Carer’s R45-60H series, has been designed to reduce the costs of each pallet moved in your applications by achieving the optimal balance between energy consumption and productivity. These electric forklifts have a powerful load capacity of 6000 kg.

    Load Capacity

    6.0 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height

    4.2 m

      Carer R45-50-60 H Series Electric Forklift Truck
      The R45-60H series of forklift trucks support intensive use and are capable of handling heavy-duty applications with high performances both indoors and outdoors.
      • AC Motors
      • 80V
      • Advanced Multifunction Digital Display (AMD)
      • Oil Immersed Brakes
      • Can be used inside and outside
      • Low Tilt Cylinders
      • Withstands intensive use
      • Superelastic Tyres Dual SE
      • High Performance
      Advanced Multifunction Digital Display (AMD) The most suitable configuration for specific use and for driving sensitivity of the operator can be achieved by balancing performance and battery autonomy with the use of the AMD.
      The R45-60H series has been designed to achieve the optimal balance between energy consumption and productivity, reducing the costs of each pallet moved in all applications.
      Additional Options for Increased Productivity:
      Fingertips integrated in the armrest Enclosed comfortable cab with heating and air conditioning Seat with low level vibration low noise level motors
      The strong frame and reliable components have been carefully designed to achieve maximum reliability and durability.
      Heavy-Duty Applications:
      Together the heavy-duty mast and axle support high residual capacities and excellent load handling capabilities in order to handle high productivity and ensure fast, stable load handling in intensive and strenuous heavy duty applications.

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