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Carer F70HD

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    Carer F70HD

    As with all models in this heavy duty Carer series of electric forklifts, the F70HD is equipped with an advanced multi functional digital display that increases the driver’s control and comfort while operating your machine. These seated forklifts have a powerful load capacity of 7000 kg.

    Load Capacity

    7.0 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height

    4 m

      Carer F Series 60-80HD Electric Forklift Truck
      Heavy Duty Forklifts With extremely high performance levels, the F60-80 HD (heavy duty) series has been designed to withstand very long operating times. With a noticeably compact design, super steel axle, the electronic differential and the extreme comfort of the driver’s seat, these forklifts are perfect for particular heavy duty applications (even in confined spaces).
      • Super Steer Axle
      • 96V
      • Electronic Differential
      • High Pan/Lift Cylinder
      • Advanced Multifunctional Digital Display (AMD)
      • Compact Design
      • Easily-Removable Battery
      • Withstands long operating times at high performance levels
      • Step at a low height for easy accessibility
      • 2 motors in the front resulting in high performance
      • Internal Wheel
      Heavy Duty Performance The high performance of the motors and long production cycles make these forklift trucks suitable for heavy-duty applications.
      These forklifts have a compact design and extremely comfortable driver’s seats. Increased comfort means increased overall productivity.
      The super steer axle and extremely compact equipment design allow the F60-80HD series forklifts to perform in tight spaces with high levels of manoeuvrability.
      Easily-Removable Battery
      The battery is positioned between the wheels, allowing for quick and easy lateral extraction, making battery changes far easier and less time consuming.
      Electronic Controls Allow operators to make adjustments to the settings of the truck, depending on the application, with a highly advanced digital touch-screen. Customising settings according to the operators applications and routines means that the operator with have increased performance levels, comfort and overall productivity.

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