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At Masslift Africa, we are your source for forklift parts in Southern Africa. As the sole distributor of Mitsubishi forklifts, we offer a wide range of genuine Mitsubishi parts to keep your forklift running smoothly and efficiently. In addition to Mitsubishi parts, we also carry a variety of other options to suit all types of forklifts and budgets.

Forklift Parts

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At Masslift Africa, we understand the importance of prioritising safety, quick assembly, and long service life for your forklift truck. That’s why we offer genuine OEM Parts. When it comes to the total lifecycle of your equipment, there’s no substitute for OEM Parts. By using genuine parts from us, you can minimise downtime and ensure optimal performance. You can have peace of mind knowing that your forklift truck is equipped with components specifically designed for safety and reliability.

Our OEM Parts undergo rigorous testing and meet the highest standards, guaranteeing compatibility and durability. By choosing our genuine parts, you’re investing in the longevity of your forklift truck. Additionally, our OEM Parts help maintain the integrity and original specifications of your equipment, ensuring better residual value in its second life.

When it comes to safety, reliability, and maximising the value of your forklift truck, trust Masslift Africa. We are committed to providing you with the genuine OEM Parts that will optimise your forklift’s performance and deliver a longer service life.

Trust Masslift Africa to keep your forklift running smoothly with our wide range of forklift parts.

What are the benefits of using OEM parts?

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Forklift Parts

Parts & Maintenance Q&A

Jerome: By using OEM Parts, you can rest assured that you are receiving superior quality parts, as well as an exact fit to your forklift. When Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks are developed, the engineers set out strict requirements that have to be met.

Damon: Mitsubishi Parts are continuously being improved through extensive Research and Development and the ongoing operational experience being gained. These parts are tested extensively both in labs and on the field to ensure that they comply with all specifications.

Jerome: This ultimately ensures that the equipment runs at maximum efficiency, delivering reduced operational expenditures in areas such as fuel and oil consumption.

Non-OEM parts are made with different materials and slightly different dimensions. This can often result in more expensive component failure or frequent breakdowns.

Damon: If you want to prioritise on safety, quick assembly and long service life, then there is absolutely no substitute for OEM Parts. Looking at the total lifecycle of your forklift truck you will have much less downtime if genuine parts are fitted. By utilizing genuine parts, you also get the comfort of knowing that your forklift truck will have a better residual value in its second life.

Damon: Here at Masslift, we maintain inventory of frequently used parts at all times. We constantly monitor our inventory levels in order to ensure we avoid stock-outs. Working closely with Mitsubishi, we aim to always establish the best lead times and ensure that any critical parts are always well stocked.

Thanks to our extensive footprint across Sub-Saharan Africa, Mitsubishi parts are widely available and easy to obtain.

Jerome: The perception in the market is that genuine Mitsubishi parts are pricey. In reality we are market related and, in most instances, we are cheaper. Masslift is continuously working with Mitsubishi to ensure that we are competitively priced within the market.

Jerome: Our team of Mitsubishi experts are available to assist you in finding the right parts for your forklift, whether you’re looking for a specific part for a newer model or a hard-to-find part for an older forklift (model). We pride ourselves on being able to source and stock parts for very old forklifts, which can be hard to find in Southern Africa.

Damon: Our mission is to provide service excellence to all of our customers. When dealing with Masslift, you can rest assured that we will always go the extra mile to ensure that your forklift is running at an optimal level. Trust Mitsubishi genuine parts. Where reliability is everything.

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Trust Masslift Africa to keep your forklift running smoothly with our wide range of forklift parts.