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(VIDEO) SpecTank takes delivery of the 1000th Mitsubishi Ninja Forklift into Southern Africa

Masslift Africa celebrates the 1000th delivery of the Mitsubishi Ninja Forklift into Southern Africa.

“Since taking delivery of our first Ninja back in 2013 we knew we had something special on our hands. The Ninja is an incredibly robust, no-nonsense forklift that has surpassed our expectations when it comes to reliability,” says Marco Caverni, Managing Director of Masslift Africa.

Masslift Africa’s clients love the Mitsubishi Ninja for several reasons: its reliability, robustness, minimal plastic and low cost of total ownership.

Marco adds that, “The Ninja has minimal electronics, which makes it not only easy to operate but also cost-effective to service. In addition, the service intervals are only 500 hours, double that of many competing brands. When you factor in Mitsubishi Forklifts’ incredible warranty and 50% buy-back offer after 5 years or 5000hrs, you start to see just why our clients love this forklift so much”.

Adding to the value proposition is the fuel efficiency, which has been proven to save clients between 0.5l and 1.3l of diesel per hour per forklift. This results in a massive cost-saving for customers over a period of five years.

“As the Masslift Africa family, we want to thank each and every customer who has purchased a Ninja. We celebrate this 1000th delivery milestone and look forward to delivering the next thousand Ninjas to their new homes in the near future”.


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