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Masslift Africa Celebrates Delivering Their 200th Forklift to Cashbuild

Masslift Africa Celebrates Delivering Their 200th Forklift to Cashbuild

Marco Caverni (Sales Director, Masslift), Roger Wentzel (New Store Development Manager, Cashbuild), Werner de Jager (Chief Executive, Cashbuild), Hugh Golden (National Sales Manager, Masslift)

Masslift Africa lifted their relationship with Cashbuild to new heights on the 31st of October when they handed over the 200th Forklift. The event marked a major milestone for Masslift Africa as they strive to develop long-term relationships with customers like Cashbuild.

In 2012, Cashbuild gave Masslift Africa an opportunity to supply a new Mitsubishi Forklift and prove our service infrastructure. Five years later, we have just delivered our 200th Mitsubishi Forklift to our biggest customer.

“Thank you Cashbuild for the support and we will strive to continue delivering service excellence and building on our great relationship!” -Marco Caverni, Masslift Africa Sales Director

To commemorate the event, Masslift created a custom spray design that incorporated the Cashbuild branding together with the 200th forklift design.

The 200th Mitsubishi forklift was handed over to Cashbuild as they launch their new store in Roodekop, Germiston. As one of Cashbuild’s suppliers, Masslift Africa is proud to watch them grow and provide South Africans with great products and services.

“Cashbuild’s ethos is to assist developing our suppliers while building long-term relationships. The relationship between Masslift Africa and Cashbuild is a perfect example of this. We are very happy with the quality of the equipment supplied and the service infrastructure and footprint Masslift has been able to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing the 300th forklift design!” -Werner de Jager, Cashbuild Chief Executive


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