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6 Benefits if Owning an Electric Forklift

Today, there are a large variety of electric forklifts available on the market, for almost every specialised need/application.

These energy-efficient alternatives have many benefits that could change the way in which you and your business perform. Let’s have a look at 6 of the MANY reasons an electric forklift may just be the option for you:

  1. They are Eco-Friendly:

Electric forklifts have been designed to help businesses save money while having far less of an impact on the environment. Electric forklifts release zero emissions. This makes them a much better option for working indoors, in enclosed spaces and around food products.

  1. Little-to-no Fuel Costs:

Included in the initial cost of an electric forklift are a battery and charger. Effectively, you are paying for your fuel upfront as there are no petrol/gas/diesel costs and it is only the small amount of electricity used to charge the forklift you will pay for. Depending on your fleet size, you will save considerable amounts each year throughout your forklift contract.

  1. Fewer Maintenance Requirements:

With fewer moving parts, the need for oil, spark plugs, catalytic converters, belts and pistons are eliminated. These are all parts that would need to be replaced over time. With no need for these parts or their replacements, electric forklifts will save you hefty amounts in repair and maintenance costs.

  1. Performance Abilities:

In the past, there were a number of applications that only internal combustion forklifts could be used in. However, with improvements in technology, the top brands in the market now offer an IPX Rating, which means the forklifts can now work in the rain, and therefore outside. This means that an eco-friendly, fuel-saving electric is an option in applications where it previously was not.

  1. Increased Lifespans:

Because most electrics now are powered with AC technology, they have the ability to last longer than conventional fuel-powered forklifts due to fewer moving parts and less maintenance being required. By replacing the battery every 1200 cycles {4 – 6 Years}, you are effectively putting a brand new engine in your forklift.

  1. Ideal for Small Spaces:

Electric forklifts are ideal for working in small spaces. The smaller chassis and counterweight of these forklifts (compared with a fuel-powered forklift) improves manoeuvrability. Electric forklifts have also been designed with a smaller turning radius suitable for facilities with small aisles.

To conclude:

An Electric forklift can be an eco-friendly, fuel-efficient solution for your business and the above reasons for choosing an electric are true. They are, however, dependent on one very important aspect and that is maintenance and care of your battery. Things such as opportunity charging, forgetting to top up and clean the battery daily can lead to a substantial shortening of a battery’s life. Insufficient maintenance and care for your battery can lead to the voltage in the battery reducing quicker than it should during a shift. This can result in damage to the electrical components of the forklift itself {for example, the controller card}, which is extremely expensive to replace.

With many options for you to choose from, each designed with unique features to suit a variety of needs and applications, there is sure to be an Electric Forklift that is perfect for your operational needs. Choosing an electric forklift will keep the environment and your conscience clean while providing you with countless selections and features to choose from. The decision couldn’t be easier.

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