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Mitsubishi Electric Pallet Truck

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    Mitsubishi Electric Pallet Truck

    The PREMiA EM rangeis available in three variations: foldable platform, fixed platform rear entry and fixed platform side entry. Each truck is available in either 2 ton or 2.5 ton capacities. All trucks feature a heavy-duty chassis in 3 possible sizes: mini,junior and senior to suit all battery requirements. The mini chassis is also the shortest on the market.

    Load Capacity

    2.0 - 2.5 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height


      • Parking brake – Automatically activated when necessary for extra safety on ramps.
      • Powerful, sealed AC motor: High torque for greater efficiency. No carbon brushes mean lower servicing requirements.
      • Sealed transmission: Shock-resistant, quiet and requires little maintenance.
      • Dust-shielded load wheels: Less maintenance and component replacement required.
      Electrical and Control Systems
      • Waterproof wiring and connectors: Sealed compartment prevents system failure and corrosion from water and dust.
      • Combi controller lift system: Proportional rocker switch control for lifting and lowering.
      • Versatile battery compartment: Accommodates traditional DIN or BS size batteries to ensure maximum compatibility with user equipment.
      • Battery access: Battery can be accessed from above to check electrolyte status or (optional) pulled out on steel rollers for battery change over.
      • Mounted battery plug: Plug iscontained within a tray so there is no risk of loose cables getting caught when changing the battery.
      • Robust forks: Strong welded construction with rounded tips tor effortless pallet entry.
      • Market-leading lift height of 220mm: Ideal for handling on steep ramps, loading docks and uneven surfaces, even when using recycled pallets.
      • Tapered forks: Access to pallets in racks or block stacks is easier, quicker and safer.
      Frame and body
      • Two linked castor wheels: In addition to the load wheels for added stability. Increases comfort for the driver and safety for the load.
      • Shared components in low lifters: Service costs and downtime are kept to a minimum.
      • DriveSteady: Innovative patented traction, dampening and stability systems are all optimised to accommodate exceptional damping and work in close harmony with a unique castor wheel design,providing unequaled comfort on uneven surfaces whmaintained stability when oomering.
      • Steel-plated rear bumper: Bumper is angled low to prevent foot injuries.
      • Compact chassis: Robust and highly optimised to be the shortest in its class.
      Specifications PBV20N3 PBV25N3 PBF20N3R PBF25N3R PBF20N3S PBF25N3S The patented DriveSteady system ensures outstanding drive wheel pressures, excellent shock abortion and side stability when cornering – making PREMiA EM a milestone power pallet truck. The ergonomically shaped, best-in-class ErgoSteer tiller head features easily accessible controls that allow the operator to manoeuvre the truck comfortably, safely and intuitively, keeping their focus on the job at hand. Within PREMiA EM, connectors and sensors are sealed to protect from dust, water and debris, enabling long service intervals, less maintenance and maximum uptime.

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