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High Level Order Picker EOP Series (1.3 Ton)

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    High Level Order Picker EOP Series (1.3 Ton)

    Designed to improve work efficiency and simplify order picking process inside workplaces, the new Mitsubishi EOP15N3 is an industry-leading performance truck that runs up to 2 shifts per battery charge. Not only is it complementary with a comprehensive range of optional productivity features, it also empowers you the WINGS to reach out for MORE loads with extended run time, leaving with more time to focus on what is most important.

    Load Capacity

    1.3 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height


      Superior Lifting Performance Lifts up to 9.3 meters without compromising the truck’s stability while achieving excellent lift capacity retention. One Charge, Double Productivity Perform up to 16 operating hours on one single battery charge in most applications thus helping you to maximise your business value and saves money. Advanced 3 Phase AC Technology: Dynamic Speeds and Performance to Spare Mitsubishi EOP15N3 provides you with all the power you need regarding performance. Not only is it capable of delivering strong acceleration, but it also offers high lift / lower speeds with an exceptionally powerful rated motor that results in low energy consumption and longer run times for efficient order picking. Top Travel Speeds:
      • Up to 12km/h in drive unit direction
      • Up to 0.38m/s when lifting
      • Up to 11km/h in fork direction
      • Up to 0.47m/s when lowering
      Sealed Components: 1,000 hour Service Intervals The new Mitsubishi EOP15N3 is built with sealed components which provide added protection in dusty or moist environments, thus requiring less maintenance over time. Supremely energy-efficient, its extended 1,000-hour service intervals help reduces the need for routine checks and lesser downtime. Valuable Options
      • Dual fans – Designed with the operator in mind for optimum comfort.
      • LED lights – Durable, enhanced brightness which increases visibility under low lights condition in aisle areas.
      • USB power port – Available in single or dual ports, with 5 Volt /2 amps to power up electronic devices while on the move.
      • Freezer conditioning – Includes display with an integrated heater, wire mesh mast guard and additional components designed to withstand cold environments.
      • Furniture picking – Available in various fork length options, the new Mitsubishi EOP15N3 also comes with a tether pole that is essential for handling longer loads at a high level. This allows operators to easily manipulate the load and move across the platform.

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