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Carer Z80/900

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    Carer Z80/900

    These electric forklifts, as with all models in this battery powered Carer series, are equipped with electric motors that have been designed to meet demanding applications. The Z80/900 has a very powerful load capacity of 8000 kg.

    Load Capacity

    8.0 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height

    3.4 m

      Carer Z80/900 / Z90H / Z100H Series Electric Forklift Trucks
      With electric motors that have been designed to support demanding applications, this series of electric forklifts increases productivity and reduces maintenance stress with a cleverly designed system and high performances in applications.
      • Wide Driver’s Seat
      • 96V
      • Tilting Steering Column
      • Long Operating Times
      • AC Motors
      • Exceptional Driver Visibility
      • Ultra Compact Size
      • Advanced Multifunctional Digital Display (AMD)
      • Tilting Steering Column
      • Oil Immersed Brakes
      • High Tilt Cylinders
      • High Performance
      The Driver’s Seat: The driver’s seat is wide, spacious, cushioned, based on the weight of the operator and adjustable in each direction. Easy access to the driving position is provided with a large handle and two wide steps. The Steering Wheel: Equipped with tilt steering, the steering wheel is adjustable in depth. Maintenance and Performance: The electronic control MOSFET high frequency ensures maximum engine performance with low noise levels. The system is protected and facilitates easy access for maintenance operations through careful placement in the rear. Excellents Visibility: The raised driving position achieves outstanding front and rear visibility. Electric Braking: The release of the brake pedal and reversal of the direction of travel enables the electric braking recovery feature. Stability: Excellent visibility is achieved with the tilt cylinders that provide mast reducing twists due to their large lever arms and location.

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