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Carer KF65H/HD

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    Carer KF65H/HD

    The KF65H/HD electric forklift, as with all models in Carer’s KF60-80 heavy-duty series, has been designed with an ergonomic driver’s cabin that reduces possible fatigue and increases the performance levels of your operators, specifically during long shifts.

    Load Capacity

    6.0 ton

    Fuel Type


    Lift Height


      Carer KF60-80 H/HD Series Electric Forklift Truck
      The KF60-80 H/HD series has been specifically designed to handle heavy loads inside standard containers.
      • 96V
      • AC Motors
      • Heavy-Duty
      • Designed to handle heavy loads in containers
      • Advanced Multifunction Display (AMD)
      • Easily-Removable Batteries
      • Oil-Bath Brakes
      • High Pan/Tilt Cylinders
      • High-Visibility Upright
      • Available with double or single wheels for maximum manoeuvrability
      Comfort: Operator fatigue is minimised, especially during long shifts, with the ergonomic design of the driver’s cabin. Mounted on anti-vibration supports which minimise vibrations that can lead to health issues, the cabin ensures maximum comfort and ease of driving. Advanced Digital Touch Screen Display: The forklift truck settings can be customised according to the operator’s applications and routines by achieving a balance between high performance and long operating times, with an advanced digital touchscreen display. Performance: The features and design of the KF60-90 H/HD series enable these trucks to combine the ability to lift very heavy loads with a compact and sturdy frame, adaptable performance levels and ease of driving.

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