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Looking to Rent or Buy a Forklift in Port Elizabeth: Your Guide to Finding the Right Forklift

You’re looking to rent or buy either a New or Used forklift in Port Elizabeth? The only problem is, you aren’t sure what type of forklift you need. And with all the different Types, Shapes and Sizes, the process of choosing the right forklift can be a bit confusing.

This is where we step in. We have created this article to help you find the best forklift for your companies needs and applications. However, If you would prefer to get an instant quote or talk directly to one of our friendly staff, who will assist you in finding the best match for your needs, click here.

In order to find the best type of forklift to Rent or Buy, you will first need to think about your expectations and requirements.

We, at Masslift’s Port Elizabeth Branch, have spent a lot of time listening to our customers’ questions and helping them find the perfect forklift for their application. In doing this, we have come across some common questions that we know, need to be answered in order to supply the correct forklift for our customer’s requirements.

15 important questions to ask yourself before you rent or buy your next forklift in Port Elizabeth:

Below are the 15 of the most common questions that we have found {through dealing with thousands of customers} to be vital in choosing the best forklift for each application. Answering these questions will assist you in finding the best type of forklift for your company and it’s applications.

1- What is the Maximum Weight that you need to be lifted?

2- What is the Maximum Height that you will need to lift to?

3- What is the weight of your product at your Maximum Height?

4- What is your lowest overhead height restriction?

5- What aisle width will the forklift need to be working in?

6- What type of product are you lifting?

7- What are the dimensions of the load that will need lifting? Length (from forkface to forktips), width and height

8- What environment will the forklift be used in? {i.e.: Will your forklift be used Indoors, Outdoors or in a Small /Compact Warehouse}?

9- When and for how long will you need the forklift?

10- How many hours per month will the forklift be operating?

11- Will your forklift truck need attachments to pick up a specialised product?

12- What kind of Service and Maintenance plans are available?

13- Should you rent a forklift or purchase one?

14- If purchasing, should you be looking for a New or Used Forklift truck?

15- Should you be looking at an electric forklift or an internal combustion forklift?

Now that you have an idea of exactly what you will be needing your forklift for, let’s have a look at the 8 common types of forklifts.

Below, we have compiled a brief description of the most common forklifts. Check out our article on the 8 Different Types of Forklifts and What They Are Used for a detailed description of each forklift type.

The 8 common types of forklifts available to rent or buy at Masslift’s Port Elizabeth branch:

1. 4-Wheel Counterbalance
The most common forklift on the market. They are straight forward forklifts with dual forks in the front and used to lift heavy loads. All three fuel types being Electric, Diesel & LP Gas come in the 4-wheel option. Capacities vary from 1.4 – 25 Tons depending on the fuel type, with masts as high as 7m.

2. 3-Wheel Electric Counterbalance
The same as a 4-wheel counterbalance forklift but the back wheels are closer together in the centre of the frame for improved turning ability. Used primarily where space constraints are a factor, like warehouses. Ideal for 3.2m – 3.5m aisles.

3. Reach Trucks
Built to lift loads up to heights of 13m, these machines allow warehouses to use very high aisle setups and ultimately save space with narrow spacing between aisles (roughly 2.6m-3.1m). With Mitsubishi, you can choose between a Stand-On and Sit-On Reach Truck. The Reach Truck capacities vary from 0.9 Tons – 3.0 Tons with the 1.4 Ton and 2 Ton being the most common option. Like all warehousing equipment, Reach Trucks can only be used indoors and must work on clean, flat surfaces.

4. Power Pallet Trucks
An electric version of the popular Pallet Jack, also known as a Pump Truck. These machines help you manoeuvre pallets or other heavy goods quickly and easily within a warehouse and can only lift to 100mm off the ground. They can lift loads between 1.6-3.6tons and are available in walk-behind and ride-on options

5. Stackers
Stackers are like Power Pallet Trucks, but they have a mast, allowing them to lift pallets to a maximum height of 5.4m They are also known for their ease of use and are cheaper than conventional forklifts. They are great to use in smaller warehouses where the aisle widths are approximately 2.4m-2.6m. There are two types of Stackers offered depending on the pallet type used being, ‘Fork Over’ and ‘Straddle Stackers’. A fork-over stacker can only be used with an open-bottom (M-shaped) pallet. Stackers can lift loads of 1.0-2.0tons.

6. Order Pickers
Order pickers are designed for “hand picking” rather than moving full pallets. They allow personnel to quickly and efficiently pick orders in a warehouse. The basic model will lift the platform to the second row of racking (1-2m). High-level order pickers can elevate the worker to a picking height of 12.2m, allowing them to reach products stored in higher positions.

7. Rough Terrain Forklifts
Rough Terrain forklifts are built to operate in rough, uneven conditions such as gravel, sand and even muddy surfaces. The main difference between the conventional forklift and a Rough Terrain forklift is that the latter has a suspension.

8. Articulated Forklifts
Articulated forklifts allow for very narrow aisles (1.5 – 2m wide). This is because they do not have to right angle stack as the mast can articulate into either side of the racking. Masslift offers the Combilift Aisle-Master, which has a maximum mast height of 12.1m.

How can we at Masslift’s Port Elizabeth branch help you choose the best forklift for sale or for rent (according to your needs)?

How can we at Masslift’s Port Elizabeth Branch help you choose the best forklift for Sale or for Rent {According to your needs)?

We, at Masslift Africa, are the Sole Distributors of Mitsubishi forklifts in Southern Africa and together, we are on a mission to become the number one Forklift Service Provider in the world.

Our Port Elizabeth Branch was formed approximately 12 months ago, located at number 39 Fowler Street, Sidwell, Port Elizabeth. The beauty of this branch is that we offer personalised service through a small and dedicated team, led by Masslift’s Coastal Chief Operating Officer Shaun Collins.

We pride ourselves on our Short-Term Rentals, with our Port Elizabeth’s branch’s most popular machine being the 2.5ton Diesel.

When it comes to buying a New or Used Forklift, we offer a full range. The Port Elizabeth branch’s most popular forklift is the 2.5ton Ninja. The Ninja comes standard with a 50% buy-back, as well as a 3 year/5000-hour powertrain warranty.

We are here to assist customers in and around the Port Elizabeth area, already having assisted clients from areas like Sidwell, Uitenhage, Sundays Valley, Coega, Ports, Markman, Deal Party, North End and Korsten.

We pride ourselves in our Customer Service and strive to meet each customer with the utmost in our Service Excellence and the reliability of our brand.

For assistance, before you Buy or Rent your next forklift in Port Elizabeth, click here and one of the friendly staff at our P.E Branch will assist you with any forklift-related questions or needs you may have. Alternatively, you can contact us on 087 150 8574.


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