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Introducing the innovative Counterbalance Electric Mitsubishi Forklift truck range

Masslift Africa (the sole distributor of Mitsubishi forklifts in Southern Africa) today announced the launch and arrival of the new Counterbalance Electric (FBCB) forklift truck series in August 2020. The new series will encompass the Mitsubishi forklift features that users have come to know and love over the years along with new technology to drive operations forward.

With an increasing demand for state-of-the-art forklift technology, this sleek and nimble forklift has been specifically designed to render low operating costs and reduce maintenance requirements to boost economic productivity.

Mitsubishi is well known for meticulous standards of safety, reliability and sustainability in the industry. These standards are translated to key features in the new FBCB series with driver safety being a key concern. Forklifts in the new FBCB series boast a range of new safety features that enhance flexibility, manoeuvrability and overall comfort for the driver.

According to Masslift Africa CEO, Marco Caverni, the new FBCB forklift offers; “a wide choice of options and attachments that allow the truck to be precisely specified to meet the needs of your business. The new forklifts offer a choice of operation modes which can be adjusted to match the drive characteristics to the workplace, conditions, operator’s skill level and preference.”

With a load capacity of 1.0 to 2.5 tons, the latest FBCB electric truck series focuses on the simple movement of goods and ensures steadfast performance for all your practical business needs. This ergonomic forklift also comes with an 8-year or 12,000 hour warranty.

The new FBCB series has adopted a range of new features which include; auto torque to help drivers travel up ramps, pitching control and hydraulic cushioning to secure drivers when travelling over rough or uneven surfaces, travel interlock and safety cruise options to limit driver faults, a load indicator and overload warning system, as well as new travel speed and tilt control features.

Designed to use as little energy as possible, this smooth-driving FBCB series aims to enhance battery longevity and quality. This particular unit contains new lithium-ion battery technology, which is not only an environmentally-friendly option, but produces a significantly extended shift life. The forklift also includes regeneration on downward slopes, when coasting, reversing or breaking and ultimate battery protection by restricting hydraulic usage when the battery is running low. Other important features include; a wide array of attachment options such as pallet handlers, bale clamps, paper roll clams and/or foam clamps, a lateral battery extraction process, a waterproof rating of IPx4, a blue LED safety light and full AC system.

“These customisable operation characteristics can be greatly beneficial from an innovative perspective, and we are excited to be bringing these benefits to our clients in the African market” says Marco Caverni, CEO of Masslift Africa. “Clients can look forward to a sleek looking forklift and knowing Mitsubishi – it will be incredibly reliable!”


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