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Waco Africa Case Study

Find out why Waco Africa saves money and gains a reliable forklift partner by working with Masslift Africa.

1/13/2019 view
What Happened in 2018 and Why We Are Excited for 2019

Find out exactly what Masslift Africa got up to in 2018 by hearing about all the major highlights from our team. Then discover what's coming in 2019 and why we are so excited for everything this year has to offer.

12/21/2018 view
Compliant quiz

The forklift compliance quiz you can take to see if your South African business is fully compliant before getting you next load test done.

9/7/2018 view
Mitsubishi Evolution

The evolution of Mitsubishi: Lowest fuel consumption, long service intervals and the longest warranty...

4/8/2017 view
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks 02

Grendia: When reliability is everything...

4/15/2017 view
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