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(VIDEO) 6 Reasons Why We Believe the Ninja is the Best Forklift in SA

6 Practical Reasons Why We Believe the Mitsubishi Ninja is the Best Forklift on the Market in South Africa.

8/19/2019 view
(VIDEO) The Mitsubishi Ninja: Where it All Started

Great companies are built from a few defining moments. For us here at Masslift, the arrival of the Mitsubishi Ninja was definitely one of those moments.

8/14/2019 view
What Does Our New Scorecard Mean for Our Customers?

As South Africa's largest privately-owned forklift company, Masslift Africa is a proud Level 3 B-BBEE contributor...

7/22/2019 view
Forklift Storage Tips: Are You Storing Your Forklifts Correctly?

Correct forklift storage not only ensures your forklift is always ready for action but increases the lifespan of the vehicle tremendously...

7/3/2019 view
Are Whole Body Vibrations Affecting Your Drivers? Here's What You Can Do

We have summed up the most important aspects of ‘WBVs’ as well as some guidelines on how to eliminate and avoid the many risks involved.

7/3/2019 view