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(VIDEO) SpecTank takes delivery of the 1000th Mitsubishi Ninja Forklift into Southern Africa

Masslift Africa celebrates the 1000th delivery of the Mitsubishi Ninja Forklift into Southern Africa.

10/15/2019 view
(VIDEO) Client Spotlight: Diggersrest Timber Company

We visit Diggersrest Timber Company situated in the picturesque Georges Valley near Tzaneen. Find out where they started, what they do and why they depend on the Mitsubishi Ninja to get the job done.

10/7/2019 view
(VIDEO) Client Spotlight: DRG Services in Limpopo

We visit DRG Services, our Limpopo agent, to find out what makes the Mitsubishi Ninja so special.

9/25/2019 view
(VIDEO) Client Spotlight: GTWLS Paarl Western Cape

GTWLS Paarl Western Cape discusses the Mitsubishi Ninja and working with Masslift Africa. We thank you for the relationship and support.

9/10/2019 view
(VIDEO) Client Spotlight: Stacor Petroleum

We visited our client Stacor Petroleum to discover what they do and what they think of the Mitsubishi Ninja.

9/5/2019 view