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14 Tips to Become a More Efficient Forklift Driver

Materials handling and efficiency are a match made in heaven. The more efficient your materials handling operations are, the more productive and safe your warehouse will be.

Below, we have put together several tips that you can use today to become a more efficient forklift driver.

1.Ensure drivers are properly trained and that their driver’s licenses are renewed every 2 years through an accredited.

2.Always check the forklift you are using has a valid Load Test. This can be checked by the details on a sticker found on the side of the mast.

3.Ensure drivers complete their “Daily Check List”. We offer hard copies of the Check List Book or the template is freely available on our website. Masslift also offers a video on ‘How to do a daily checklist’ on our website.

4.Drivers should not start their forklift until they are ready to drive and must sure they are wearing the seatbelt.

5.Always accelerate and decelerate smoothly. This will improve fuel efficiencies and reduce wear and tear on tires and brakes.

6.Maintain a steady pace when travelling {operate at a speed to suit the load and conditions}. We suggest to never exceed a speed of 12-14kms/h.

7.Don’t idle for no reason or leave the key in the ignition once you leave the forklift.

8.Inspect your tyre condition daily {tyre line for solids, tyre pressures for pneumatics, damage and wear}.

9.Ensure your LP Gas tank is completely empty before returning it as to reduce waste.

10.Never drive with your forks more than 150mm off the ground.

11.Always slow down when going around corners.

12.Never drive with another person on the forklift

13.Ensure that the load is carried centrally on the forks.

14.Centralize the Side Shift when not being used.

Coupled with this, Masslift now offers the Do’s and Don’ts of Forklift Driving, a video which is available on our website.

Included below is an infographic outlining the practical tips on being a more efficient forklift driver.


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