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(VIDEO) Client Spotlight: Stacor Petroleum

We visited our client Stacor Petroleum to discover what they do and what they think of the Mitsubishi Ninja.

9/5/2019 view
(VIDEO) 6 Reasons Why We Believe the Ninja is the Best Forklift in SA

6 Practical Reasons Why We Believe the Mitsubishi Ninja is the Best Forklift on the Market in South Africa.

8/19/2019 view
(VIDEO) The Mitsubishi Ninja: Where it All Started

Great companies are built from a few defining moments. For us here at Masslift, the arrival of the Mitsubishi Ninja was definitely one of those moments.

8/14/2019 view
What Does Our New Scorecard Mean for Our Customers?

As South Africa's largest privately-owned forklift company, Masslift Africa is a proud Level 3 B-BBEE contributor...

7/22/2019 view
Forklift Storage Tips: Are You Storing Your Forklifts Correctly?

Correct forklift storage not only ensures your forklift is always ready for action but increases the lifespan of the vehicle tremendously...

7/3/2019 view