13 Actionable Tips to Become a More Efficient Forklift Driver Today

Materials handling and efficiency are a match made in heaven. The more efficient your materials handling operation the more productive and safe your warehouse will be. We put together several tips that you can use today to become a more efficient forklift driver.

Included below is an infographic outlining the 13 practical tips on being a more efficient forklift driver. But to summarize it the main tips are:

-Don’t start the forklift until you are ready to drive.

-Don’t rev or accelerate unnecessarily.

-Always decelerate smoothly to go easy on the brakes.

-Maintain a steady pace when travelling.

-Don’t idle for now reason.

-Check your oils and filters regularly.

-Inspect your tyre condition often.

-Ensure your gas tank is 100% empty before returning it.

-Choose the right forklift for the right job.

-Start with a well-designed facility.

-Ensure drivers are properly trained.

-Ensure your forklift is properly maintained.

-Consider an electric forklift.

13 tips